What are you passionate about?

Recently, I visited one of our destination countries. As part of the trip, I went on a tour of some of the fascinating historical sites that are significant to the early church.

Some of the sites include churches built into caves. When our tour guide tried to explain some of the ancient frescoes that depict biblical stories, he got a bit mixed up. We gently tried to correct him and gave him some biblical references in his first language to read.

In the midst of this, we also heard from a like-minded colleague who is working in a local university. He is teaching the Muslim tour guides the accurate biblical history. This colleague loves history and is excited to use his passion and knowledge to help the local tour guides share true and accurate information.

What are you passionate about? Is there something you could develop into a transferable skill? Maybe blogging, history, or cooking? Parenting? Adventure sports? Sports in general?

Some of our workers are using blogs to communicate about their experiences in their host countries. One blog is about traveling around within the country and the other one blogs about cooking and local cuisine.

Why not ask the Lord how you can use your passions and skills?