Central Asia

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Communism fell in 1991 throughout Central Asia, yet its spiritual darkness still holds many people in fear and bondage. In 1979, People International was established, encompassing the former Soviet “Stans” and countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

There is a great need for prayer, resources and Christian workers if we are going to advance the Kingdom of God throughout Central Asia. How will they hear unless someone tells them? In many places in this region there is no one tell the many of the good news of Jesus.

Let us unite together and seek to move forward in confidence that God’s name is going to be truly glorified throughout Central Asia in the coming days!

People International is in this region because of the great need. One of the spiritually darkest areas of the world today is Central Asia where there are over 450 million unreached Muslim peoples.

They all need to see the light of the gospel and to know that Jesus loves them and that He died so that they could live. In the midst of political change, great uncertainty and moral darkness they need to experience the only true hope and joy found in Jesus who is the “light of the world.”