Easter Party

The following is from some of our workers who live in a European country and who are intentionally connecting with immigrants:

Just wanted to let you know that the Easter party last Saturday was a great success. Our friend J brought two boys with him from his flat, and then our new friend, S and her husband O arrived with their three children.  

It was a beautiful Spring day so we barbecued lamb. Meanwhile, the student team visiting from London provided an energetic programme for the children, including an Easter egg hunt, games and crafts.

During the mealtime, we were able to share about Jesus being the lamb who was sacrificed for our sins and his resurrection that gives us eternal life. O, the dad, then told us that he had watched the Jesus film in his home country! He seemed more open than J, who went for a cigarette when the conversation turned to Jesus.

Please continue to pray for these people as, no matter what we say, it is only the Holy Spirit who can soften these peoples hearts and bring them to Him.