Where do you see God at work?

The other day, I noticed two dormant house plants showing signs of growth. One plant is a Easter cactus which has not been doing much and certainly has never flowered. A couple of months ago, I was given some house plant advice to leave the plant in a cool dark window. I moved the plant to a cool window sill. When I recently took a look at the plant, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was full of buds! The second house plant is a jasmine plant. It is about 8-9 yrs old – a cutting from a friend’s plant. It has grown very slowly over the years and certainly never flowered. I was recently surprised to discover it was giving off a shoot about 2 feet long reaching for the light and getting tangled in the window blind. Wow, new growth on a cold winter day!  

Sometimes we pray and pray, do everything “right”, but we see no growth or change in our lives or in the lives of our friends. And then one day we get a phone call or we have a new thought or read a timely article. We see God at work! Growth in the middle of a winter-like season of life.

If you are feeling discouraged about a helpless situation, be encouraged that God is at work! He’s working in your life and in your unique situation. It may be quiet and unassuming but He is at work. Take courage, my friends. The Lord will answer you in His timing.