There are many reasons people shy away from proceeding with missions

There are many reasons people shy away from proceeding with missions: fear of the unknown, they think they are not ready, family responsibilities, finances, just to name a few. The bible talks about the early disciples and describes how they left everything to follow Jesus. If you are not in a place to go overseas full-time or even short-term to serve in missions, why not consider getting some hands-on experience at home?

  1. Try new restaurants that are owned and operated by new Canadians. Not just to eat the food, but as an opportunity to meet the people who own the restaurant! Why not strike up a conversation and get to know how they came to Canada?
  2. International students are on your own campuses from all over the world. You might even discover someone from Central Asia!
  3. Volunteering with refugees is also a great way to learn about other cultures and the challenges of adjusting to a new culture.
  4. Why not start to learn a new language like Turkish or Russian?
  5. Use a book like Operation World to pray for the countries in Central Asia. As you pray, ask God to show you where you might go to share the love of Jesus with the people.