Communion Confessions

We first met Abdul when he was a new believer, stuck in an Islamic school in a very conservative village. He was all alone and he fell away from his faith.

He left home to complete a year of mandatory military service. His phone didn’t have internet the entire time, but the Bible app was downloaded. He read about 30 chapters of the Bible a day while serving in the military. Jesus saved his soul. He’s been a part of a fellowship, on and off, since the Spring, as he has struggled with frustration, anger and forgiveness towards others in our fellowship. But God had a plan for Abdul.

Having “church” with new believers can be so refreshing. They do things you don’t expect. Three weeks ago, we had communion and everyone took of it… except Abdul. He waited, approached the bread and wine on his knees and suddenly started belting out loud a prayer to God. He repented for his sins, acknowledged that God forgave him, and eventually he ate the bread and dipped in wine. For the prior month Abdul had been coming regularly. God had clearly corrected the areas of his life that needed it and communion was his opportunity to make official (and known) his restored connection to God and to the fellowship. It was beautiful.

Abdul shines brighter than ever. Pray for him. His dad just got back from his pilgrimage to Mecca. Needless to say their family is very Moslem. Abdul has even shared the gospel with others at his workplace! Abdul’s brightness can’t be hidden under a bushel. He is shining for Jesus.