God gives us opportunities.

Sometimes we don’t always connect the dots as to what God is doing in our lives with the opportunities He is presenting to us.  Many years ago, as I was about to embark on an internship with my bible college a mentor said to me, “Take every opportunity that is offered to you even if you do not think you are capable of doing it.” It was good advice. A few years later it led to me accepting an opportunity to go to the newly independent Russia and Latvia with some of my ministry colleagues. That trip changed my life and worldview. And as I often tell people I remember being on the plane to Russia (that would eventually take me to Latvia) and discovering that Latvians spoke their own language! The world was unfolding before me and I had a lot to learn.

Right now we have 5 young adults embarking on new opportunities. The details are still being worked out, but the opportunity to love and serve the people of Central Asia is there. They are ready to say YES to the new opportunities God has for them through serving with People International.

What opportunities is the Lord presenting to you?