“Recently there was a tragic event in Turkey – a young girl was raped and murdered. After this came out to the public, the whole country began to protest. Women wore black to remember her, men wore mini skirts to stand up for women’s rights. There was an instant shift in the atmosphere. My language teacher gave me a project to ask 100 different people: “Do you think that the man who killed this girl can be forgiven by God?” So far I’ve only asked 10 people, mostly because it leads to more questions. But every time I ask , I can see the shock on their faces: “Of course he cannot be forgiven…” . As the conversation continues, I can see that some of the people start to think about the aspect of God as being a forgiving God, especially if I share with them the characteristics of God that Christians believe in. Something is happening in this country – hearts are changing, and it’s very exciting.
– A PI worker in Turkey