The ministry of People International focuses on the region of greater Central Asia. Our staff focus on a variety of ministries and work depending on the visa platform. One of our staff recently began to help the local people of a remote region of southern Russia establish and maintain local museums. Here is a highlight from the field describing this unique strategy:

“We believe God has unlocked a key strategy for long-term access and ministry into the region’s 1,000 villages, where over half of the (Muslim) population still lives, and where there are no known churches. The strategy is simple: museums. Dozens of villages already have their own little museum. These museums are often in a state of neglect and disrepair, even though they remain a source of deep pride for the villagers. In June of 2013, through an indirect conversation with a seasoned brother working in another neighbouring country, the Lord suddenly landed this idea on our minds: museums! We want to come along side these village museums and help renovate and enhance them and put them on the map. We also want to help other villages create their first ever museum. This kind of work will allow us to access nearly any of the region’s village, and also provide a foundation for long-term connections and relationships and follow up.”