“The Words in this Book are True”

The following is an account told by one of our workers, of his colleague’s testimony of how the first known believer living in the homeland of one of the ethnic groups of [the region] came to faith.

“I met a friend at a police check post. He invited me in and I stayed for three days. His car broke down and, after numerous attempts to fix it, I suggested we pray. Amazingly the car started! W was in shock, wondering if God had really just answered my prayer. I gave him a copy of the Bible in his language. Although I had to move out of his region shortly thereafter, we have kept in touch. For the next two years he read the Bible on and off. During the past two months, his study has become intense. One day he proclaimed, “The words in this book are true. I read it many times but it took the Most High to open my eyes”. A few days later he was reading Hebrews 1 and phoned to tell me, “This book is actually teaching that Jesus is God”. I kept answering his questions via Skype and by phone until one day, two or three weeks ago, he finally accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior! Now I am discipling this new believer.”