A Family Turns to Christ Through the Faith of One Young Woman

R started selling vodka when he was 12 years old. By the time he was an adult he was part of a criminal gang. S lived in the same apartment building as R. Not long before they got married, S became a Christian. After marrying R, she lived with his large dysfunctional family and endured domestic abuse. One day R was so remorseful for having beaten her, he told her she should divorce him. She refused saying that God wants husbands and wives to stay together. Three years later, God broke into his heart and he accepted Christ, quit drinking, and ended his involvement in criminal activity. His mother was so appalled that he left Islam, and she tried to do everything she could to stop him from following Christ. She even had his brothers tie him up on a Sunday so he couldn’t go to church. Eventually she threw R, S and their baby daughter out of the home. They had nowhere to go and had to stay in two separate homes for half a year, as no-one in the church had room for a family.

His mother got more and more stressed as she saw each of her seven children turn to Christ one by one. She had a stroke and lost the use of her left arm. Her children fasted and prayed for her and begged her to turn to Christ and finally she gave in. She was baptized in the river in winter. As she came out of the river the Lord healed her arm and she regained full use of it! 15 years later she is still going strong as a bold evangelist and ladies Bible study leader.