Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible. Is this how you see cross-cultural missions? At times we might be tempted to think:

“Why bother? They aren’t going to change their minds.”

“It’s too hard…”

“Someone else is more equipped than I am.”

“I have goals and plans I want to do first.”

“It’s too expensive and I could never ask anyone for money.’
Say Yes
Many years ago when I ventured out on my bible college internship, my mentor gave me some good advice. “Say yes to whatever ministry opportunities are offered to you.” I can say that following that advice has led me to some interesting experiences. It also led me to my first cross-cultural missions trip.

Get Equipped

Another observation that has popped up over and over is that so many people are actually not equipped for ministry! Going to the mission field whether at home or abroad does not automatically give you the skill set you might need to meet and influence people in your new neighborhood. So my advice today? Get involved in your local church or student ministry and GET SOME EXPERIENCE TODAY! The more you pray, study the bible, and engage people in spiritual conversations, the more equipped you will be when you end up in your ministry location.