Simply the Story

Central Asia is a story telling culture. In recent years many of our staff have begun to use “storying” as a method of sharing the good news of Jesus. The format we have adopted is taught through the organization called Simply the Story (STS). Built on the foundation of “storying,” STS added the dynamic of training storytellers to dig deeply into a Bible story and to discover spiritual truths for themselves.

Recently a STS training event was held in one our regions. The following is a first hand account of what happened:
“Sixty-five of us from eight different passport countries and arriving from 13 different cities/nations had no delayed or missed connections (on the way in).  Together with foreigners, the 34 locals of three different nationalities participated in this very intense and practical exposure to this old/new method of inductive Bible study orally.  It was so exciting to see the ‘lightbulbs clicking on’ as these dear brothers and sisters, both local and foreign, learned to dig deeply into the Word together through the use of Storying and some simple questions…