A Turkish woman is dreaming about Jesus

Mrs. B (45) grew up in a Muslim household in Turkey, but she started questioning her parents about her faith at an early age. Her parents said they are Muslim, but they didn’t live according to the Islamic rules (they didn’t go to the mosque or pray 5 times a day, etc.). She wondered how can you be a Muslim without holding to these commandments? She wore a head scarf just because it was tradition. But she couldn’t get any answers to her questions.

During her life, Mrs. B married, had 2 daughters, divorced and had a bad car accident some years ago. She now lives alone and needs to work for her living. When she came to Antalya to work some years ago, she took the scarf off.  Mrs. B came in contact with the church in Antalya and was able to meet with PI Worker S who gave her a bible and began to visit regularly.  In April she shared that she had a dream some weeks before, “I was in a big crowd and I was sick, but I touched Jesus’ cloak and I was healed”.  S said to her, “You know there is exactly such a story in the bible about a woman who was bleeding for 12 years”. Mrs. B said she was bleeding for 2 1/2 months and after this dream she was healed! After this dream she decided to follow Jesus. S prayed with her and that same evening she gave her testimony in the prayer group and came to church. As soon as Mrs. B has time, S will begin to take her through a baptism course.

Please pray for Mrs. B to continue to grow in her relationship with Jesus and to fully understand what it means to follow him.