What We Do


We are committed and passionate about sharing the good news of the gospel through presenting Jesus Christ in a culturally sensitive manner. This involves learning Central Asian language and re-telling the biblical narrative in creative ways. Our goal is diverse and effective outreach.

Church Planting

PI’s vision is to see churches grow in every community. We support national-led church planting, and as necessary, pioneer new churches.

Discipleship / Leadership Development

Central Asia has a small but vibrant Church that is growing in the hostile environment of persecution. We are involved in supporting the Central Asian church by training leaders to teach from the Bible and develop Biblical leadership patterns, as well as developing areas of pastoral care and developing Christian character.

Bible Translation

People International workers are involved in translation teams throughout Central Asia, ensuring that the Bible is available in every language.


PI is committed to using various forms of media to reach local people. The gospel is being presented through various forms of technology and multimedia (Satellite TV, mobile apps, and short films, for example).

Meeting Human Needs

We carry the biblical mandate to serve the poor and vulnerable. We help create employment and provide limited emergency relief to refugees.