Summer 2016 Evangelism Trip to Kazakhstan

kazaktopMay 22 – June 5, 2016
(North Americans must leave May 20th)

WHAT WE DO THERE: Team members lead small groups of university students in conversational English practice from 10:00 to 12:00 each morning for two weeks. The rest of the day is open to continue relationships with the students while visiting local museums, parks, and other points of interest. The students have had 3-7 years of English classes, and most can speak with some fluency. Saturdays we organize trips in or around the city, including a picnic, and Sundays we invite interested students to a Christian fellowship and give opportunities to share Christ. This program started in 1995, and has resulted in many students receiving Christ and being discipled in a local church.

WHO CAN GO: This program is open to those 18 or older who are willing to share their testimony and the gospel, and have had some kind of cross-cultural experience.

THE PEOPLE: Kazakhs are Muslims, but after 70 years of communism, Islam is not a big part of their lives. Most young people know God exists, but know little about Him. There is great spiritual openness, but who will fill it? Islamic countries have constructed thousands of mosques, and send Islamic missionaries. But praise God, since 1990 about 15,000 Kazakhs have become believers in Jesus the Messiah.

COST: $400 plus the cost of airfare ($1800-$2000 from North America; $700-$900 from Europe). Includes country costs.

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