December 1st is Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday we would like to present two projects that we know will make a difference in the lives of Central Asians. 

Tablets for Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

The Need

Five years ago when Syrian refugees flooded into Turkey a major need was to get the children into school. If their education suffers, then their future also suffers. 

Many local churches responded to this specific need — working hard to help parents, often the mothers who had fled on their own – to get their children registered in the local schools. They also helped them with school uniforms, books, pens, pencils etc.

And then Covid happened, and school was transferred online. Because many of these families did not have access to the necessary technology, this became  another obstacle.

A local charity in Turkey is now working to provide tablets to these children so that they might be able to thrive during their online learning. 

The Cost: $120 CAD per tablet

We would like to contribute 10 tablets ($1,200). Would you consider giving towards part of a tablet or perhaps all of one?

Fountain of Life in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

  1.  Fountain of Life Day Center provides hot meals, showers, hairdresser, clothes, medical care (a doctor as well as first aid) 3 times a week. There is a washing machine at the center so the homeless can bring their clothes to be washed. The team also accompanies the homeless to hospitals, dentists, and rehabilitation centers as needed. 
  2. Hospice – Fountain of Life is setting up a hospice to provide a place for 5 or 6 terminally ill homeless, so that they can be cared for with love and compassion and in comfort as they live out their final days. 
  3. Street Work – Some of the Fountain of Life team go on the streets of Bishkek to give out food and dress the wounds of the homeless when necessary.

We would like to raise an additional $1400 to send to Fountain of Life to encourage them, and to help them complete the hospice and provide for the daily needs of the Day Centre.