Fountain of Life

Fountain of Life is a not-for-profit drop-in Centre for the homeless and destitute of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The drop-in Centre operates 3 days a week, during which meals are served, guests can shower and find clean clothes, and be seen by a medical doctor. Many of the people who the Centre cares for have severe addiction issues which have led to them losing their families and their homes. When the staff and outreach workers discover people on the street who need alcohol or drug rehabilitation, they do their best to ensure they are admitted at a government rehab centre.

The cost of providing a basic hot meal to 80-100 people at the day centre is $100 CDN per day. 

This year we want to audaciously consider sponsoring 52 of these meals.  Would you join in with this dream?

How to Give

Would you consider sponsoring ONE of these 52 meals for $100?

You can give directly through CanadaHelps or through e-transfer to (If giving through e-transfer, please include your mailing address for the tax receipt.)

The Story of Ruslan *

Ruslan is a very experienced homeless man. He has been living on the streets for ten years now. He is a regular visitor of the Day center, a place where people listen to him and are willing to help him. The way he became homeless is typical for a lot of homeless men. He lost his job more than ten years ago, started drinking to forget his problems and then his wife kicked him out of the house because she could not stand the situation anymore. Read More

The Story of Tilek

One summer evening I was driving with my wife. We saw a man sitting by the edge of the road who appeared homeless. I stopped the car. I asked him his name, where he was from, and why he was on the street. He answered that he was from the Issyk Kul region. His wife had died recently, and his two sons had both subsequently left to work in Russia. I gave him something to eat and offered to take him to a homeless shelter.  He did not want to go. He said he would prefer to stay where he was, even though it was raining. I offered to bring him to a small market where he could sleep on a bench sheltered from the rain. I gave him the address of Fountain of Life. Read More

*All names have been changed to protect privacy.

Find out more about the Fountain of Life at their website